• Virtual Concierge

    Allow customers to order room service, view local attractions, make restaurant reservations, view hotel amenities, and more.

  • Room Control

    Integrate with lights, blinds, thermostats, and other electronics to allow guest control. Go green and save money with automated settings for when the room is empty.

  • Easy Upkeep

    With realtime editing via our web or mobile platforms, you're always in control. The device is easily installed and uses electricity equivalent to a lightbulb.

A Better Stay

A Better Stay

Give your guests control over their stay and allow them to easily look up information, order room service, view local attractions, control the temperature of their room, and more.

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Easy to Use

Easy to Use

With an intuitive touchscreen and an interface designed for usability, the Daptly Touch is enjoyable for people of all ages.

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  • Pays For Itself

    Reduce electric bills by automating lights and temperature when people aren't around. Increase room service orders and drive your highest margin items. Avoid reprinting room materials for small changes - edit the display in realtime via desktop or mobile.

  • Cloud enabled

    Edit content in real time using our desktop or mobile platforms. Track customer requests from inception to fulfillment, integrate with POS/PMS systems, and see usage analytics and actionable feedback from guests to supercharge your accommodations.

  • Privacy Secured

    With no microphone or camera, there's never sensitive data being gathered. The device is encrypted locally, and it uses HTTPS, VPC, and other best security practices.