Apps and Integrations

Control Your Devices

  • Easy Integration

    Integrates seamlessly with smart devices like Hue lights, Garageio, Nest Cam, SmartThings, Wemo, August locks, and more. Use gesture and voice commands to trigger commands on different devices, and build custom routines to group actions together like turning off your lights and heat when you leave the house, or unlocking your home when you're nearby.

  • 1000s of available recipes

    With IFTTT, do more with the services you love.

  • When Nest Cam has detected an event, show the live feed on your display.

  • When you wake up, play your daily brief on your display.

  • When your display timer hits 0, blink the lights.


  • Playlist

    Watch curated up-to-date videos for your favorite categories like news, sports, and entertainment.

  • Music

    Play your favorite playlists from your Spotify, Pandora, or iHeart Radio accounts.

  • Youtube

    Search for and watch youtube videos, or pick a video from your phone to send to your device.

  • Security

    Use our mobile app to check in on your home, family, or pets and feel at ease knowing you're secure.

  • Videochat + Intercom

    Use your display to videochat with up to 4 people at a time, even if they don't have a display - simply use our mobile or web apps and stay connected.

  • Stocks

    Choose your favorite stocks or indexes and view their performance for the day, week, month, or year.

  • Email

    Read and reply to emails with a pre-built message or build you own using voice or gesture. Easily integrate with Gmail, Outlook, or any other IMAP provider.

  • Clock

    See the time, set timers, and sync your alarms in the morning with your lights, music, and other devices.

  • Traffic

    Input your commute and see up-to-date traffic reports and estimated travel time for driving, biking, walking, and public transit. Get alternative route suggestions when there’s bad traffic.

  • Weather

    See the current weather report for your location, as well as hourly and 3-day projections.

  • Calendar

    See upcoming events and stay informed on any changes. Easily integrates with Google Cal, iCal, and any other IMAP provider.

  • News

    See the latest article headlines and summaries from your favorite outlets and categories.

  • Cooking

    Search for recipes, see detailed instructions, and easily swipe or speak to move on to the next step when you're ready.

  • Health

    Connect your mobile or wearable device to import data and visualize your progress and goals over time.

  • + 1000s of Skills

    With a built in fully-functional Amazon Alexa, you get access to 1000s of skills. Call an Uber, order Dominoes, and more.

  • More To come

    We're constantly working to enable more unique experiences with our display. If you have an idea we haven't implemented, tell us about it. If you're a developer and are interested in purchasing a dev kit, let's talk.

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Easily customize your profile and device, connect your accounts, and create routines to control your home with our iOS or Android Applications.

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