About Us

At Daptly, our mission is to create beautiful, innovative products that are safe, secure, and inspire love for our company. We’re moving fast, and believe that the value of a company is tied closely to the character and effectiveness of its members. If you want to join us, contact us. If you want to support our mission, see how you can help.

Our Team

KC Beard


Leads the software efforts. Dartmouth Computer Science Graduate. Formerly aplus.com

Max Randall


Leads the hardware efforts. Dartmouth Engineering Graduate. Formerly Nomura Securities and Putnam Investments.

Alex Nicholson


In charge of sales outreach and corporate partnerships. Formerly Morgan Stanley.

Pat McNamara


Head of video and media production. Interested in film, photography, and all things creative.

Lily Peterson


Handles social outreach and community relations.

Evan Beard


Advises on strategic and technical development. Previous Cofounder/CEO at Etacts, Gridtech, and A+.