The Mirror

The Mirror

Start your day right by getting ready in front of the mirror while listening to your favorite music or watching curated videos ranging from sports, news, and entertainment.

A perfect blend of technology while it's on and regularity when it's off.

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The Picture Frame

The Picture Frame

A beautiful art display that becomes your assistant when you need it.

Over 50,000 images available - for free. Browse collections from the Metropolitan Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the Rijksmuseum, and more.

Make it your own by uploading images straight from your mobile device.

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  • Personal Dashboard

    Our display recognizes who's in front of it and only displays information that they care about. So in the morning it can show you news and traffic updates and the kids can walk by to see their chores for the week.

  • Control Your Home

    With both native and IFTTT integrations, connect your smart devices and create routines that automatically control devices like your lights and thermostat depending on time of day and the weather outside.

  • Intuitive Interaction

    With innovative gesture recognition alongside a voice interface, you're always in complete control. See what commands are available, swipe to interact, and enjoy an assistant that understands what you want.


  • Gesture

    Our display tracks your hand movements and accurately reads your actions - allowing you to move things on screen, select items, swipe for more content, and more.

  • Voice

    Say “Ok Daptly” followed by a command to interact with voice. With a visual assistant to guide you, you’ll always know what commands are available.

  • Alexa

    The Daptly Display with Amazon Alexa allows you to Just Ask for what you need. Amazon Alexa is built in the cloud, so it is always getting smarter.

Better With Alexa

Better With Alexa

Your Daptly Display comes equipped with a fully functional Amazon Alexa inside. Sign in to your Amazon account and ask Alexa to play music, hear the news, check weather, control your smart home, and more.

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Ships December 2017